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Live Your Soul Mission

Awaken your heart: Heal, Attune, Create

Hello I’m Ameelie!

It is my honour to support you to become clear on your Soul’s Mission. 

I will show you how to live and create in the world based on your Soul Mission.

We will work with your higher self, your heart, body and mind to bring forth your true nature.



Your Transformation

Heal and integrate your shadow aspects of yourself. Our conditioning and wounds from the past play out in the present. They are showing us they are ready to be made whole as our greatest gifts and strengths. When you love and embrace yourself healing comes naturally. 

Attune to your inner wisdom from your higher self and your innate intelligence of your heart and body. Listening deeply to your body and leading from your heart’s desires shows your the way on your Divine path.

Awaken your Heart integrating your eternal nature with your human, embodied self. Our bodies and our minds are Source Divine and we need more than ever to embody and honour ourselves not as separate to the Divine, but as Divine. 

Create Living your fullest heart’s expression in the world by creating your best self in the world. It is the expression of true freedom and fearlessness when you are free from your blocks and trusting your heart. Your gifts and strengths are precisely what the world needs at this time on Earth and is most hungry for you!


“Ameelie is a brilliant choice of coach for anyone looking to balance their body and mind, to nurture a greater sense of self worth and to tap into the core things that matter to them. She will help you define and step towards the person you want to be – and lift you up every step of the way.”

Cassie V, London, UK

“Ameelie is a divinely beautiful, angelic soul with sweet earth roots and an inner compass for connection with guides and intuitive insights that are sure to catapult you along your path towards healing and integration of your own soul’s unique vision for you.”

Melissa LR, Boulder, CO, USA

“Ameelie is hugely empathetic. She allows you to feel heard and to be yourself without fear of being judged. I always felt like I could say anything and that it would be ok. Ameelie’s own journey has given her a unique and varied range of experiences to drawn upon. She is generous and honest enough to use this as a source of strength for others without losing sight of their individual journey. She knows when to listen, when to sit with silence and when to encourage with words. Her honesty about her own struggles gave me strength to explore my own and hope that they would lead to greater happiness. Her bravery in confronting her own complexities – and her joy for life – is inspiring. She makes you want to truly live.”

Anon, London, UK

“Ameelie is an inspiring and intuitive coach, full of wisdom and compassion. Her skill in meeting people where they are and supporting them in their next steps is amazing! I highly recommend her as an unusually gifted and awake coach & healer.”

SB, Boulder, CO, USA

“Ameelie is an angel. She has a deep integrity, an ability to channel truth that deeply resonates, and a gigantic heart of love.”

Savannah K, Boulder, CO, USA

Ameelie’s Story

Ameelie is a heart-centred transformational life coach, intuitive healer, shamanic journey guide, creativity mentor and installation artist. 

Ameelie had a twenty year award-winning career in the creative sector, including film, architecture, installation art, museum curating and media. Coming to terms with how working in the corporate world was depleting her soul and her health, she quit her job at the Guardian newspaper in London. She then began what would become a four year global journey of healing and spiritual awakening. It was a pilgrimage to reclaim her soul and clarify her sacred path.

Ameelie is an intuitive empath who supports her clients by weaving together a wide range of psychological and spiritual modalities that have enriched her path, such as energy healing, shamanism, qigong, tantra, somatic experiencing, meditation, cognitive awareness, parts work, Human Design and Vedanta.

 Her clients go on to having fulfilled and empowered lives – one client started her own successful art practice after years working as an assistant, one wrote a book after years of self doubt, another discovered her spirituality and sacred sexuality after a suffocating life in the corporate world. 

 In addition to her passion for embodied awakening, she lives in an intentional community house in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and shamanic healer-cat.

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